The Dr Cloud EHR Platform

At EnSoftek, we believe in providing an end-to-end cloud based EHR solution with enterprise features. When you choose Dr Cloud EHR, you know we will be there to work with you every step of the way to ensure your practice needs are met.

Our Integrated Care solution is used by General and Behavioral healthcare providers (primary care, mental health, substance abuse and addiction).


  • Proven and secure browser-based Electronic MAR (eMAR) charting system streamlines the workflow in long term care facilities and dramatically increases your overall profitability.
  • All documentation is automatically completed simply by scanning a barcode.
  • Never miss a diagnosis, PRN result, blood pressure, pulse, or other regulatory requirement again.
  • With Risk Management, your facility is more profitable!
  • Reduce medication related fines.
  • Reduce per-bed Insurance Premiums at your facility


  • Provide services to your consumers in the community with access to all major functions of DrCloudEHR™ using tablets or laptops, without connecting to the internet!
  • Access the entire Client chart – Assessments, Problem List, Allergies, Medications, Vaccinations, Assessments, Treatment Plans, Consent forms
  • Complete all required Clinical documentation in a compliant manner with integrated Golden Thread™, Sync as and when needed
  • Coding Services & Apply Billing Rules
  • Appointments and Scheduling
  • Inbox Reminders


  • Integrated HIPAA-compliant Telehealth module
  • Integrated Zoom™ video conference platform
  • Providers can setup and manage services in DrCloudEHR™
  • Providers can document their notes and provide services at the same time
  • Clients can attend the service from any private location of their choice such as the comfort of their home
  • Videos become integral part of workflow!


  • Integrated with OpenEdge Credit card payment processing platform
  • Secure Credit card transactions(tokenization, point-to-point encryption, signature capture, EMV)
  • Rapid processing of all your Credit card transactions to help keep you cash-flow positive
  • OpenEdge’s Decline Minimizer automatically updates expired and outdated card information daily so you can focus on providing services to your consumers


  • Allows for creation of Consumer-specific Treatment Plans
  • Easy addition of diagnoses, either new or inherited from previous assessments. Includes ability to “Defer” treatment
  • Templates for association of Problems, Discharge Goals, Objectives, and/or Interventions with each diagnosis
  • Flexible design allows for each piece of the plan to be drawn from individual template sets.
  • Rules to ensure new Treatment Plans are created within each period as required. Allows for scheduled termination date of existing plans
  • Fields provided for signatures of the care team, the consumer and the consumer’s guardian