The Dr Cloud EHR Platform

At EnSoftek, we believe in providing an end-to-end cloud based EHR solution with comprehensive features. When you choose Dr Cloud EHR, you know we will be there to work with you every step of the way to ensure your practice needs are met.

Our Integrated Care solution is used by General and Behavioral healthcare providers (primary care, mental health, substance abuse and addiction).


  • Dr Cloud EHR tracks all clinical notes with reminders for due dates and updates
  • We move clinical data forward across forms, and workflows can be easily customized
  • Our Intuitive and easy-to-use EHR, automatically generates alerts & reminders and populates all relevant data needed for providing clinical decision support


  • Scan and attach documents and images to the patient’s virtual file cabinet, all can be viewed at anytime from anywhere
  • Send/Receive faxes electronically directly from the patient chart
  • Edit, create and populate unlimited number of consent forms
  • Populate any form onto the patient portal for review and signature


  • Create and customize various visits by categories and services with Dr Cloud EHR
  • Choose forms and order charting for each workflow with related consent forms
  • Create custom workflows will be saved and automatically organize the order of all associated encounters for clinical staff review and completion


  • Dr Cloud EHR is safe and secure and can be accessed by any mobile device
  • Our application is hosted at Microsoft datacenters with off-site backup protocols and with local redundant systems
  • Microsoft Azure manages and controls identity and user access


  • Dr Cloud EHR includes an HL7 Interface and Lab Interfaces
  • Custom interfaces to other health information and HIEs systems are available
  • We enable report of Standard and Quality Measures (CQM) and the download of CCDA reports, in compliance with our Meaningful Use certification.


  • Our application includes an integrated rule based billing engine
  • We link claim information to the scheduler and to the service provided for improved compliance and reduce billing errors
  • Limitless number of financial reports can be routinely generated and exported to Excel
  • Dr Cloud EHR generates 837 Professional and Institutional as well as UB-04 claim formats
  • The 835 Remittance report can be easily uploaded for patient account reconciliation


  • Dr Cloud EHR is equipped with a state of the art report generator that can access any data field within the database
  • Our system creates almost endless number of custom reports that can be recalled for future use at any time by any authorized user
  • Reports can be exported to Excel (csv format)


  • Our application is fully HIPAA Compliant, and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere
  • Users can login to Dr Cloud EHR by ANY mobile device including: iPad, tablets, laptops, smart phones, and more